Corpus of Spoken Yiddish in Europe

Basia Tishmanene

Interview #18014

Gender: Female

Age: 82

Year of Birth: 1914

Date of Interview: July 10, 1996

Interviewer: Roza Bieliauskienė

Duration of Testimony:

Number of tapes: 3

All tapes have been transcribed.

Basia Tishmanene (thumbnail photo)


Place of Birth: Kaunas (קאָװנע)

Place of Interview: Vilnius, Lithuania


From the collection of the USC Shoah Foundation


Tape Speaker Content
קאַסעט רעדער אינהאַלט


Additional transcript formats, including Praat (.TextGrid) and ELAN (.eaf), are available in our GitHub repository.

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  • Tishmanene, Basia. 1996. Interview 18014. USC Shoah Foundation Visual History Archive. USC Shoah Foundation. Accessed June 22, 2024.

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